Friday, September 9, 2022

Vertical Gardening

 It is no secret that landscaping is now booming in the decor industry than any other interior concept. In fact, if we look up into its history, vertical gardens have been in existence since the Babylon era ! 

Ideas of landscaping might not be new but are definitely transforming the world of interior designing, shifting the focus from only paintings and sculptures as beauty to bringing nature into a living space.

What Is Vertical Gardening You Ask!

It is a completely innovative and productive thought of co-existing with nature while adding another dimension to an indoor or outdoor living space. This is one of the best ways to save space with a garden growing up.

Aniruddha Interior thinks that Vertical gardens are perfect for disguising an unattractive area or drawing attention to a mesmerizing view.


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How Do They Work You Think!

Well! It is no rocket science to make plants grow vertically. Trellis plants, climbers, vines, and a number of fruits and vegetables grow vertically. In vertical gardens, the base root-system should be big enough to fit the bed of a growing plant. Columnar trees or structures are used to grow vertical gardens.

For indoors, small-stature house plants are the best options to create a tapestry of beautiful colors and texture, also great for filtering indoor air pollutants. They not only make the view pleasant but maintain the right atmosphere within. Whereas, large, open or traditional spaces can be filled with trellises or columnar trees with upright structures.

A Few Suggestions On What Can Be Planted!

Though, the plants that require lesser maintenance and care are better options, berries, tomatoes, honeysuckle, wisteria, morning glories, cucumbers, peas or melons are a few of many plants that can be considered growing vertically.


In nature plants grow on vertical surfaces like cliffs or tree trunks. Such growing environments have little or no soil, good drainage and provide stable support for roots to attach to. Our planting system replicates these conditions while creating an ideal vertical growing environment for this specific group of plants.


Choosing plants for the outdoor vertical garden

Outdoor vertical gardens require a plant selection suitable to the local climate and sun exposure. For example a sun-exposed wall in the Mediterranean can be planted with aromatic plants like LavandulaThymusRosmarinus or Salvia, whereas a shaded wall in the same location can look almost tropical with plants as ArumDavalliaAspleniumBegonia and Fuchsia. As with any garden it’s key choosing the right plant for the right location.

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Plants suited for indoor climate

Indoor climate normally equals low light levels and around 20° C. Plants for such environments can be found under the tropical forest canopy where little light filters through and life is adapted to deep shade. Common plants used indoors are aroids like Philodendron, Anthurium and Epipremnum, gesneriads like Aeschynanthus, Columneaand Streptocarpus, ferns such as Nephrolepis, Pteris and Cyrtomium.


Our expertise in plants for vertical gardens

    We  ,Aniruddha Interior have long been dedicated to vertical gardening and explored the unique growing conditions and plants that naturally occupy vertical surfaces. Through regular field trips and years of testing and seeing our installations mature we have developed a good sense of which plants that work.

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    Benefits of Vertical Gardening

    Vertical gardening has several advantages:

    1. It not only saves space but also prevents your yield from pests and diseases.
    2. Your vegetables become easy to harvest when you grow vertically. 
    3. It allows you to turn any wall or unused space into a beautiful garden. 
    4. Wherever you choose to build your vertical gardens - indoors or outdoors - they contribute to good air circulation.     


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    Vertical Gardening

      It is no secret that landscaping is now booming in the decor industry than any other interior concept. In fact, if we look up into its his...