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 Get a taste of the finer effects in life with these wall glass decorating ideas you can try out on a budget.

                    Understands how decor works dispiriting to you? Are there times when you're wedged looking for the right decor work for your home which eventually leads you to give up on decorating your site? Are you always wondering what can go on this particular wall in my home? Well, this blog is going to break all those challenges for you at formerly. Aniruddha Interior is your guide to some of the finest decorative wall glass ideas that may answer all your questions right down. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the content and check out some inspiring wall glasses that we're absolutely drooling over

                               Decorating your Foyer Area With A Collage Of Circle Mirrors Place A Decorative LED Mirror Near Your Home Entrance

                    The foyer area in your home is frequently the most under valued space. numerous just use it to place their footwear, not knowing how to make it a scenery success. And this is where our moxie enters! Decorating with circle glasses can be a great addition to the foyer area in your home. Not only does it make the space look swish, but it also creates an vision of a larger space. In fact, decorating with circle glasses allows you to accentuate the rest of your space fluently. Striking a balance between both rounded rudiments like the glass and sharp- whetted bones like closets can help sweep in a sense of design and style at your home.

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                                Back-Light Wall Mirrors Are A Class Apart.

                            They Are In Line With The Latest Decor Trends, Elegant In Look And Are Such A Great Decor Option For Your Entryway. We Love This Decorative LED Mirror For The Entryway That Has An LED Back-Light With A Design That Has Multiple Circle Mirrors Entwined Together. What’s Great About These Mirrors Is That They Feature Soft Lighting And Can Double As A Wall Soft Light Lamp As Well For Warm And Cosy Evenings.

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Go The Classic Route With A Rectangle Decorative Mirror

Go the perennial route with something that coordinates with the rest of the design and patterns in the room. In this picture, you can see how the edged mirror simply blends into the setting and compliments the rest of the modular furnishings, right from the wall-mounted shelf and the tiled walls to the main entrance door.

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Mirrors continue to be an interior design favorite — and for good reason. They reflect light, add shine, visually expand a space, add a decorative touch to any interior, and create a stylish finishing accent.“Mirrors are appearing in so many fun new forms this year,” says ID Sriparna N Sarkar, owner of Aniruddha Interior

Top Five Tips & Trends for Decorating with Mirrors in 2022

Metals: Interior designer says there’s a wide range of metals available with mirror designs, and choosing the right one compliments and completes a space. An aged gold can feel more vintage, black metal is more sleek and urban, and a silver or mirrored frame adds extra sparkle and shine. While other designs mix metals —  which brings together a variety of colors and tones in a room. 

Placement: placement is key when you’re designing a space and considering mirrors. “The most important thing to consider is what it’s reflecting,” ID Sriparna says. “A mirror amplifies, so you want it to amplify something important — like a window, a chandelier, or a gathering space — not a table that collects clutter, because then you’re amplifying the clutter. If what’s reflected isn’t pleasant or important, like ceiling fan, it’s not the right place for a mirror.”  avoid placing the mirror right in front of the door. “It can be startling to see a reflection of yourself as soon as you walk in the door.

Let there be light: Consider putting a mirror above a lamp or opposite a window where it can reflect light and brighten up a room. Aniruddha Interior also suggests placing a mirror opposite an entryway for a “greeting effect” that can make small and narrow entryways and hallways feel more expansive.

Grouping: Instead of hanging a mirror by itself, group it with other wall decor pieces. You can hang a cluster of mirrors together, or another option is to place the mirror with framed artwork or canvases. This offers different textures and adds interest. Aniruddha Interior says her best mirror grouping tip is to think in odd numbers. “Odd number groupings of objects are nearly always more appealing to the eye,” she explains. “So think 3, 5 or 7 if you’re wondering how many mirrors to considering in a grouping.”

Height: Aniruddha Interior says to keep in mind that the height of the mirror affects what it’ll reflect and its functionality. A mirror hanging at eye level makes it both decorative and functional. If you’re placing the mirror above furniture, a general guideline is to go 6 to 8 inches above the furniture if it’s roughly 35 inches high. Go with 8 to 12 inch spacing for shorter furniture. If the furniture is taller, leave only 3 to 5 inches between it and the mirror so the mirror isn’t too high.

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